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This is the web site of the small settlement Grambergen in the Osnabrück region right in the middle of the Wiehengebirge.
The hamlets Deitinghausen and Hiddinghausen also belong to the historical community of Grambergen as do places like Hohenwalde, the Klaverfeld and other places which names are nowadays unknown to most people.

Maybe about 300 people are living here on old farm places and cottages. Some of them are members of old families that are living here for centuries. Others moved to Grambergen during the last decades. This website is directed towards everyone who is living or who had been living in Grambergen, towards people, whose ancestors had been living in Grambergen and everyone else who is interested in this town for some reason.
 Everyone who has a connection to this area is asked to help to make this website even more interesting for it's visitors. So if you have some pictures - old or new - or if you know an interesting story about this area then please contact me. I'll appretiate any help.

It's availlable now!
The novel basing on the Waldmann Family history.
You'll find more information on the
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Now, I wish every visitor a lot of fun while roaming through this website.

Anke Waldmann

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