Grambergen is part of the community of Bissendorf which is situated in the East part of the county of Osnabrück. In the Northeast of Grambergen, you find the community of Bad Essen in the Southeast there's the city of Melle.

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Map of Grambergen

The numbers on this map are the old house numbers which were once used as address. These numbers should help family researchers to find the origin of their family.
(See also the list of inhabitants of Grambergen of 1922.)

Unfortunately, I do not know all of the old house numbers. So any help would be appreciated to locate the numbers I couldn't identify.

I didn't mention subnumbers like for example 10b (which is Forstweg No. 3) for then you would not be able to read the map. Numbers that I could not assign to an address are shown in italic letters. It's presumable that the places that I could not assign a status to came to existence in a time when the status system wasn't in use anymore.

No. 1 Vollerbe Bettinghaus (Deitinghauser Weg 9)
No. 2 Vollerbe Tellmann (Deitinghauser Weg 3)
No. 3 Vollerbe Dörmann (Dörnweg 1)
No. 4 Vollerbe Plogstert isn't existing anymore, it was located Northeast of No. 5.
No. 5 Vollerbe Averbeck (Gramberger Straße 10)
No. 6 Vollerbe Hecket (Gramberger Straße 15)
No. 7 Vollerbe Eggert (Gramberger Straße 11)
No. 8 Vollerbe Erk (Gramberger Straße 9)
No. 9 Vollerbe Barth (Gramberger Straße 7)
No. 10 Vollerbe Waldmann (Forstweg 2)
No. 11 Vollerbe Volbert (Donnerbreite 6)
No. 12 Vollerbe Wefel of Grambergen isn't existing anymore, it was located between No. 11 and No. 13.
No. 13 Vollerbe Niemann of Grambergen (Donnerbreite 1)
No. 14 Vollerbe Greiwe (Forstweg 1)
No. 15 Vollerbe Rüsse (Gramberger Straße 5)
No. 16 Halberbe Rahenkamp (Forstweg 5)
No. 17 Erbkötter Westerfeld isn't existing anymore, was located between No. 14 and 15.
No. 18 Erbkötter Wrotmann (Gramberger Straße 19)
No. 19 Erbkötter Meyse, isn't existing anymore, location unknown.
No. 20 Erbkötter Lammerbarth (Westerhauser Weg 4)
No. 21 Erbkötter Sälter (Perkweg 12)
No. 22 Erbkötter Waldkötter (Brander Heide 4)
No. 23 Markkötter Johann Im Sieke (Im Siek 1)
No. 24 Markkötter Brandt Im Sieke (Im Siek 3)
No. 25 Markkötter Johann named Brinke (Forstweg 4)
No. 26 Markkötter Jacob Schäfer (Im Siek 4)
No. 27 Status unknown (Auf dem Schlage 1)
No. 28 Markkötter Drees Rüsse (Forstweg 7)
No. 29 Markkötter Hebbeler (Auenweg 2)
No. 30 Status unknown (Auenweg 3)
No. 31 Status unknown (Westerhauser Weg 6)
No. 32 number unknown
No. 33 Vollerbe Deitemeyer (Deitinghauser Weg 5)
No. 34 number unknown
No. 35 Status unknown (Janbrinksweg 2)
No. 36 Status unknown (Wenksweg 1)
No. 37 The mill of Hiddinghausen (Auenweg 1)
No. 38 number unknown
No. 39 Status unknown (Gramberger Straße 8?)
No. 40 Status unknown (Deitinghauser Weg 11)
No. 41 The "Feldmühle" (another mill) (Brander Heide 2)
No. 42 Estate Hohenwalde (Hohenwalde 1)
No. 43 Status unknown (Brander Heide 3)
No. 44 Status unknown (Im Siek 2)
No. 45 Status unknown (Perkweg 9)
No. 46 Status unknown (Brander Heide 8)
No. 47 Status unknown (Roter Teichweg 4)
No. 48 Status unknown (Gramberger Straße 13)
No. 49 "Hirmelkuorten" (Hammelkotten, Brander Heide 1)
No. 50 Status unknown (Rüßenfeldweg 1)
No. 51 Status unknown (Westerhauser Weg 2)
No. 52 Status unknown (Donnerbreite 4)
No. 53 Status unknown (Donnerbreite 2)
No. 54 Status unknown (Brander Heide 6) Back to the entry page

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