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Census of the Kingdom of Hanover 1852

Translation of the
Original Census List
of Grambergen
Enumeration date: December 3rd, 1852
Taken up by the town director Col. Volbert

This translation is just an abbreviation of the original which gives more information about the persons!


HN. = house number.
Colon(us) = farmer
Excolon(us) = retired farmer
Vollerbe, Erbkötter, Markkötter and Neubauer are farmers who own the farm they work on. The different status has historical reasons.
Heuerling = tenant farmer
The difference between a tenant and a Heuerling is that a tenant rented a farm for money and then was most of the times able to make his living. A Heuerling had to pay for his "farm" by working on the land owner's farm and most of the times he had a second job for the land he rented was to small to live just from farming.
  1. 529 persons lived in Grambergen - 265 women and 264 men.
  2. 8 inhabitants were Catholics, all the others were Lutherans.
  3. The average age was 27,7 years.
  4. There were 91 married couples and in addition two men of whom the wifes were not living in Grambergen.
    One was a farm-hand which is maybe the reason why his wife wasn't living with him. The wife of Colonus Erk (HN. 8a) was living in Astrup with her sister, Colona Lammert.
  5. 182 children under 15 years were living in Grambergen. 13 of them were foster children. Foster children were never older than 14 years for after finishing school they had to work to make their living.
    Most of the times, foster children were related to the people they lived with. E.g. the two Vobker children living on the Dörmann farm (HN. 3a) are grandchildren of the Excolonus and his wife.
  6. 27 inhabitants were older than 64 years - the oldest person was 79 years old (Excolonus Dörmann).
  7. 18 widows and 11 widowers were living in Grambergen.
  8. Two unmarried brothers and five unmarried sisters were living with their siblings.
  9. 28 farm-hands and 26 farm-maids worked in Grambergen to make their living.
  10. Seven inhabitants were day-labourers.
  11. There was one poor person who made it's living by moving from one farm to the next (called "Umlieger"). This way, all inhabitants cared for him. Another person had to be maintained.
  12. One person was mentally handicaped.
After I compared the dates with the church records, I have to remark that the age given in the census list is not always correct!

Remarkable: The modern phenomenon of so called "Patchwork families" is not as new as some people might think! That is the reason why the children's surname sometimes is not the same as the parents' surname.

There's something else some people might stumble about: The Colonus Johann Adam Waldmann (HN. 10a), 33 years old, has a son with the same name, 30 years old and two daughters who are 27 and 24 years old. There's a simple reason for this: he is the stepfather of his children! Most strange family constellations can be solved this way.

HN. Name Status Age
1a Hermann Heinrich Bettinghaus Vollerbe 33
  Maria Elisabeth Bettinghaus his wife 20
  Johann Heinrich Plogstert farm-hand 26
  Johann Wilhelm Lemgo ditto 15
  Maria Elisabeth Schnitker farm-maid 20
  Maria Elisabeth Thiemann ditto 18
1b Gerhard Heinrich Bettinghaus retired farmer 56
  Catharina Engel Bettinghaus his wife 56
  Johann Heinrich Bettinghaus his son 24
  Maria Wilhelmina Bettinghaus his daughter 22
  Anna Dorothea Bettinghaus ditto 11
  Johann Adam Kasting his brother 50
  Johann Friedrich Böß farm-hand 16
1c Caspar Heinrich Kuhlmann miller 31
  Catharina Engel Kuhlmann his wife 31
  Catharina Louise Kuhlmann his daughter 4
  Catharina Louise Kuhlmann foster child 11
1f Christoph Heinrich Böß miller 33
  Maria Elisabeth Böß his wife 31
  Catharina Engel Böß his daughter 12
  Gerhard Heinrich Böß his son 10
  Friedrich Wilhelm Böß ditto 8
  Catharina Wilhelmina Böß his daughter 4
  Catharina Engel Riepe his mother-in-law 67
1g Gerhard Heinrich Bünte Heuerling 62
  Maria Clara Bünte his wife 64
  Catharina Maria Bünte his daughter 19
  Hermann Heinrich Bünte foster child 8
  Johann Hermann Bünte Heuerling 32
  Maria Elisabeth Bünte his wife 31
  Klaus Heinrich Bünte foster child 7
2a Georg Wilhelm Tellmann Vollerbe 26
  Maria Carolina Tellmann his wife 21
  Maria Gertrud Tellmann retired farmer's wife 66
  Johann Heinrich Thiemann farm-hand 19
  Maria Elisabeth Schwacke farm-maid 17
2b Johann Friedrich Vornfelde Heuerling 39
  Maria Louise Vornfelde his wife 36
  Maria Elisabeth Hellm his daughter 16
  Catharina Engel Vornfelde ditto 10
  Catharina Gertrud Vornfelde ditto 7
  Victor Wilhelm Vornfelde his son 5
  Gerhard Heinrich Vornfelde ditto 2
  Johann Matthias Simon day labourer 51
33a Adam Heinrich Deitemeier Vollerbe 47
  Clara Dorothea Deitemeier his wife 59
  Johann Heinrich Deitemeier his son 25
  Maria Wilhelmina Deitemeier his daughter 22
  Anna Dorothea Deitemeier ditto 19
  Adam Heinrich Obrock son of the oldest daughter 1
  Christoph Heinrich Detert farm-hand 26
  Johann Friedrich Ossenbrink ditto 15
  Maria Dorothea Feldmann farm-maid 18
33b Adam Heinrich Ossenbrink Heuerling 54
  Catharina Gertrud Ossenbrink his wife 51
  Maria Elisabeth Ossenbrink his daughter 21
  Catharina Engel Ossenbrink ditto 15
  Maria Gertrud Ossenbrink ditto 9
  Caspar Heinrich Tücke Heuerling 54
  Maria Engel Tücke his wife 52
  Catharina Dorothea Tücke his daughter 11
33c Johann Friedrich Bischof Heuerling 41
  Johann Heinrich Bischof his son 4
  Heinrich Wilhelm Bischof ditto 1
  Anna Maria Thiemann farm-maid 16
3a Johann Hermann Döhrmann Vollerbe 34
  Maria Elisabeth Döhrmann his wife 21
  Johann Friedrich Döhrmann Excolonus 79
  Maria Elisabeth Döhrmann his wife 74
  Johann Christoph Vobker foster child 9
  Maria Louise Vobker ditto 7
  Johann Friedrich Erk farm-hand 21
  Johann Heinrich Rohtert ditto 21
  Johann Friedrich Niekamp ditto 15
  Maria Elisabeth Erk farm-maid 15
  Catharina Gertrud Börges ditto 25
  Hermann Heinrich Rahenkamp "Umlieger" 76
  Heinrich Wilhelm Lücke farm-hand 26
3b Hermann Heinrich Hagedorn Heuerling 36
  Maria Elisabeth Hagedorn his wife 38
  Maria Engel Hagedorn his daughter 11
  Heinrich Wilhelm Hagedorn his son 8
  Maria Elisabeth Hagedorn his daughter 7
  Hermann Heinrich Hagedorn his son 5
  Hermann Friedrich Hagedorn ditto 1
  Cath. Elisabeth Brüggemann his mother-in-law 68
  Marg. Elisabeth Ziegemeier widow of a Heuerling 56
  Catharina Engel Ziegemeier her daughter 28
  Adam Heinrich Ziegemeier her son 13
4a Johann Friedrich Plogstert Vollerbe 34
  Maria Dorothea Plogstert his wife 34
  Regina Wilhelmina Plogstert his daughter 7
  Johann Christoph Plogstert his son 1
  Johann Christoph B/Lührmann retired farmer 56
  Johann Conrad Konert farm-hand 16
  Catharina Maria Lührmann farm-maid 15
4b Hermann Heinrich Blase Heuerling 27
  Maria Carolina Blase his wife 29
  Maria Elisabeth Blase his daughter 1
  Eberhard Heinrich Heckmann his father-in-law 74
  Maria Elisabeth Hamker foster child 4
  Johann Heinrich Blase Heuerling 31
  Margaretha Elisabeth Blase his wife 32
5a Christoph Heinrich Averbeck Vollerbe 53
  Maria Elisabeth Averbeck his wife 47
  Gerhard Heinrich Averbeck his son 23
  Johann Friedrich Averbeck ditto 19
  Hermann Heinrich Averbeck ditto 17
  Maria Engel Averbeck his daughter 10
  Anna Engel Köster farm-maid 23
  Maria Gertrud Koch ditto 21
5b Klaus Heinrich Sieck Heuerling 72
  Maria Elisabeth Steinmeier his wife 73
  Christoph Heinrich Sieck his son 25
6a Johann Heinrich Hecket Vollerbe 27
  Maria Elisabeth Hecket his wife 26
  Johann Heinrich Hecket his son 5
  Johann Matthias Hecket ditto 3
  Franz Heinrich Hecket ditto 1
  Adam Ludwig Wamhof farm-hand 23
  Johann Friedrich Vogt ditto 26
  Johann Heinrich Koch ditto 17
  Catharina Elisabeth Erk farm-maid 22
  Johann Christoph Böß foster child 10
  Johann Heinrich Westerfeld ditto 11
6b Hermann Heinrich Hecket Heuerling 63
  Maria Engel Hecket his wife 67
  Maria Gertrud Hecket his daughter 31
  Maria Engel Hecket ditto 17
  Hermann Heinrich Schomäker child of the oldest daughter 3
  Adam Heinrich Westerhus Heuerling 59
  Maria Engel Westerhus his wife 65
6d Johann Friedrich Diederich Heuerling and field guard 56
  Maria Elisabeth Diederich his wife 57
  Anna Maria Diederich his daughter 21
  Maria Gertrud Diederich ditto 16
  Caroline Louise Sundermann child of the oldest daughter 3
7a Johann Hermann Eggert Vollerbe 74
  Catharina Maria Eggert his wife 73
  Gerhard Heinrich Eggert his son 39
  Johann Wilhelm Eggert ditto 31
  Catharina Elisabeth Eggert his wife 30
  Catharina Maria Eggert his daughter 7
  Catharina Maria Tellmann farm-maid 24
  Maria Elisabeth Höger ditto 24
7b Daniel Victor Rüsse Heuerling 49
  Maria Engel Rüsse his wife 41
  Johann Conrad Rüsse his son 21
  Hermann Heinrich Rüsse ditto 15
  Maria Elisabeth Rüsse his daughter 11
  Anna Maria Decker his daughter 5
8a Hermann Heinrich Erk Vollerbe 59
  Adam Heinrich Meier Heuerling 37
  Maria Engel Meier his wife 39
  Catharina Elisabeth Meier his daughter 13
  Maria Elisabeth Meier ditto 10
  Maria Louise Meier ditto 6
  Adam Friedrich Meier his son 5
  Maria Engel Meier his daughter 1
  Marg. Elisabeth Hüfmeier his mother-in-law 61
  Catharina Gertrud Hüfmeier her daughter 32
  Catharina Louise Hüfmeier her daughter's child 1
  Heinrich Wilhelm Friedrichs Heuerling 34
  Catharina Elisabeth Friedrichs his wife 32
  Catharina Louise Friedrichs his daughter 4
8b Johann Heinrich Stäufer Heuerling 63
  Catharina Elisabeth Stäfer his wife 65
  Adam Heinrich Wegmann his son-in-law 30
  Anna Maria Wegmann his wife 32
  Maria Engel Wienbröer spinner 60
  Margaretha Elisabeth Erk widow of a Heuerling 59
  Heinrich Wilhelm Erk her son 30
  Anna Maria Erk her daughter 16
8c Eberhard Heinrich Köster Heuerling 51
  Maria Engel Köster his wife 47
  Anna Maria Köster his daughter 16
  Hermann Heinrich Köster his son 7
  Maria Elisabeth Köster his daughter 4
9a Hermann Heinrich Barth Vollerbe 45
  Maria Elisabeth Barth his wife 42
  Maria Engel Barth his daughter 17
  Johann Adam Barth his son 12
  Carolina Maria Barth his daughter 9
  Johann Friedrich Rüenpohl farm-hand 19
  Johann Friedrich Rüsse ditto 15
  Catharina Maria Stagge farm-maid 24
9b Johann Heinrich Sieck Heuerling 48
  Margaretha Elisabeth Sieck his wife 44
  Gerhard Heinrich Sieck his son 8
  Johann Adam Sieck ditto 5
10a Johann Adam Waldmann Vollerbe 33
  Maria Elisabeth Waldmann his wife 50
  Johann Adam Waldmann his son 30
  Maria Engel Waldmann his daughter 27
  Anna Maria Waldmann ditto 24
  Christoph Heinrich Waldmann his son 10
  Johann Christoph Wrothmann farm-hand 24
  Heinrich Friedrich Hofmeier ditto 21
  Maria Elisabeth Rahenkamp farm-maid 24
10b Clamor Friedrich Bosse Heuerling 48
  Maria Engel Bosse his wife 56
  Heinrich Ludwig Bosse his son 17
  Clamor Heinrich Bosse ditto 13
  Johann Heinrich Brand Heuerling 48
  Anna Elisabeth Brand his wife 55
  Anna Maria Brand his daughter 18
  Maria Engel Rahenkamp his sister-in-law 72
10c Johann Heinrich Wiesehahn Heuerling 48
  Maria Gertrud Wiesehahn his wife 41
  Gerhard Heinrich Wiesehahn his son 7
  Friedrich Wilhelm Wiesehahn ditto 3
  Maria Engel Schröder his daughter 13
  Anna Maria Schröder ditto 11
  Hermann Heinrich Schröder his son 9
  Catharina Maria Schröder his daughter 7
  Adam Heinrich Wischmeier Heuerling 29
  Clara Elisabeth Wischmeier his wife 34
  Anna Maria Wischmeier his daughter 3
11a Johann Adam Volbert Vollerbe 35
  Catharina Maria Volbert his wife 40
  Christoph Heinrich Volbert his son 11
  Gerhard Hermann Volbert ditto 6
  Anna Maria Volbert his daughter 4
  Johann Wilhelm Ossenbrink farm-hand 24
  Johann Heinrich Stüve ditto 17
  Maria Engel Brand farm-maid 22
  Maria Elisabeth Brand ditto 20
11c Adam Heinrich Povemeier Heuerling 46
  Maria Engel Povemeier his wife 48
  Johann Adam Povemeier his son 15
  Johann Christoph Povemeier ditto 13
  Friedrich Wilhelm Povemeier ditto 5
11b Gerhard Heinrich Prior Heuerling 51
  Anna Maria Prior his daughter 26
  Johann Wilhelm Prior his son 19
  Johann Heinrich Prior ditto 14
  Maria Engel Lührmann widow of a Heuerling 48
  Maria Wilhelmina Lührmann her daughter 13
  Anna Maria Lührmann ditto 11
12a Johann Wilhelm Wefel Vollerbe 59
  Catharina Elsabein Wefel his wife 32
  Maria Carolina Wefel his daughter 17
  Johann Wilhelm Wefel his son 14
  Christoph Heinrich Wefel ditto 12
  Johann Hermann Wefel ditto 10
  Catharina Louise Wefel his daughter 8
  Johann Heinrich Carl Wefel his son 5
  Johann Heinrich Wefel ditto 3
12b Johann Heinrich Witte Heuerling 28
  Maria Elsabein Witte his mother 63
12c Catharina Maria Bruns widow of a Heuerling 56
  Christoph Heinrich Bruns her son 22
  Maria Gertrud Bruns her daughter 15
13a Friedrich Wilhelm Niemann Vollerbe 34
  Cath. Margaretha Niemann his wife 26
  Friedrich Wilhelm Niemann his son 7
  Adam Heinrich Niemann ditto 4
  Gerhard Wilhelm Niemann ditto 1
  Adam Heinrich Erk farm-hand 19
  Anna Maria Rahenkamp farm-maid 19
  Maria Gertrud Maschmeier ditto 16
13d Johann Friedrich Stagge Heuerling 33
  Catharina Gertrud Stagge his wife 29
  Maria Carolina Stagge his daughter 3
14a Johann Heinrich Greve Vollerbe 38
  Anna Maria Greve his wife 36
  Maria Elisabeth Greve his daughter 9
  Hermann Heinrich Greve his son 7
  Anna Maria Greve his daughter 3
  Johann Hermann Greve Excolonus 74
  Maria Elisabeth Greve his wife 61
  Johann Heinrich Greve his son 17
  Gerhard Friedrich Seeger farm-hand 17
  Maria Elisabeth Höckmann farm-maid 18
15a Johann Hermann Rüsse Vollerbe 33
  Maria Engel Rüsse his wife 34
  Maria Louise Rüsse his daughter 9
  Anna Maria Rüsse ditto 7
  Hermann Heinrich Rüsse his son 4
  Heinrich Christoph Rüsse ditto 1
  Friedrich Wilhelm Rabe farm-hand 27
  Heinr. Wilhelm Sieckschnieder ditto 15
  Maria Engel Lührmann farm-maid 21
  Maria Engel Dierker ditto 17
15b Johann Adam Rüsse Heuerling 44
  Anna Maria Rüsse his wife 43
  Anna Maria Rüsse his daughter 17
16a Heinrich Wilhelm Niemann Excolonus and tenant 62
  Anna Elisabeth Niemann his wife 61
  Anna Maria Niemann his daughter 27
  Maria Gertrud Niemann ditto 20
  Maria Engel Niemann foster child 8
16b Johann Heinrich Wischmeier tailor 38
  Maria Elisabeth Wischmeier his wife 37
  Maria Engel Wischmeier his daughter 3
  Anna Maria Deitemeier day labourerin 62
17a Heinrich Christian Westerfeld Erbkötter 36
  Maria Elsabein Westerfeld his wife 48
  Maria Elisabeth Westerfeld his daughter 15
  Gerhard Wilhelm Westerfeld his son 12
  Adam Heinrich Westerfeld ditto 9
  Johann Hermann Westerfeld ditto 4
17d Caspar Hermann Hieger Heuerling 29
  Maria Elisabeth Hieger his wife 30
  Friedrich Wilhelm Hieger his son 3
  Maria Elisabeth Wischmeier foster child 11
  Maria Gertrud Wischmeier day labourer 46
18a Hermann Heinrich Wrothmann Erbkötter 41
  Cath. Wilhelmina Wrothmann his wife 43
  Cath. Elisabeth Wrothmann his daughter 8
  Maria Elisabeth Wrothmann ditto 5
  Johann Matthias Kienker Heuerling 31
  Anna Elisabeth Kienker his wife 49
  Maria Elisabeth Rüsse his daughter 13
  Hermann Heinrich Rüsse his son 10
  Maria Elisabeth Tellmann widow of a Heuerling 45
18b Marg. Elisabeth Wrothmann retired farmer 57
  Johann Adam Wrothmann her son 28
  Johann Matthias Dependahl foster child 3
  Catharina Maria Böß widow of a Heuerling 42
  Johann Heinrich Böß her son 8
19a Caspar Heinrich Hecket Heuerling 35
  Anna Maria Hecket his wife 33
  Maria Engel Hecket his daughter 6
  Christoph Wilhelm Hecket his son 4
  Anna Maria Hecket day labourer 59
  Conrad David Schomaker shoemaker 26
20a Adam Heinrich Lamerbarth Erbkötter 30
  Carolina Louise Lamerbarth his wife 23
  Maria Elise Lamerbarth his daughter 1
20b Johann Heinrich Lamerbarth retired farmer 58
  Marg. Elisabeth Lamerbarth his wife 68
21a Christoph Heinrich Korb Heuerling 53
  Catharina Gertrud Korb his wife 55
  Maria Elisabeth Korb his daughter 18
  Johann Friedrich Korb his son 14
22a Adam Heinrich Waldkötter Erbkötter 30
  Anna Maria Waldkötter his wife 28
  Maria Elisabeth Waldkötter his daughter 8
  Gerhard Heinrich Waldkötter his son 5
  Anna Maria Waldkötter his daughter 3
  Maria Wilhelmina Waldkötter ditto 1
  Johann Friedrich Rust farm-hand 17
  Anna Maria Wefel farm-maid 19
22b Friedrich Wälscher weaver 35
  Louise Wälscher his wife 43
  Anna Maria Wälscher his daughter 7
  Franz August Wälscher his son 4
  Wilhelm Wemhöhner weaver 20
  Johann Heitmann ditto 27
23a Gerhard Heinrich Wiesehahn Heuerling 29
  Maria Elisabeth Wiesehahn his wife 28
  Maria Elisabeth Wiesehahn his daughter 5
  Maria Louise Wiesehahn ditto 4
  Adam Clamor Waldkötter Heuerling 41
  Catharina Maria Waldkötter his wife 39
  Johann Heinrich Waldkötter his son 14
  Heinrich Wilhelm Waldkötter ditto 10
  Maria Elisabeth Waldkötter his daughter 8
23b Johann Friedrich Thiemann Heuerling 37
  Catharina Elisabeth Thiemann his wife 37
  Christoph Heinrich Thiemann his son 10
  Johann Adam Thiemann ditto 6
  Maria Engel Thiemann his sister 46
24a Friedr. Wilhelm Sieckschnieder Markkötter 48
  Maria Elisabeth Sieckschnieder his wife 38
  Maria Louise Sieckschnieder his daughter/twin 11
  Maria Engel Sieckschnieder his daughter/twin 11
  Heinr. Christ. Sieckschnieder his son 4
  Adam Heinrich Sieckschnieder Excolonus 70
25a Johann Heinrich Brinkmeier Heuerling 33
  Marg. Catharina Brinkmeier his wife 28
  Carolina Regina Brinkmeier his daughter 3
25b Johann Heinrich Knost Heuerling/shoemaker 32
  Maria Engel Knost his wife 30
  Anna Maria Knost his daughter 6
  Charlotte Carolina Knost ditto 4
  Heinrich Wilhelm Knost his son 1
  Margaretha Elisabeth Knost his mother 68
26a Johann Adam Sieck Markkötter/pub owner 56
  Maria Elisabeth Sieck his wife 62
  Johann Heinrich Wilker farm-hand 37
  Johann Heinrich Walkenhorst ditto 23
  Maria Elisabeth Schröder farm-maid 17
  Maria Elisabeth Menke ditto 15
27a Johann Heinrich Bode Heuerling 33
  Anna Maria Bode his wife 30
  Friedrich Wilhelm Bode his son 10
28a Franz Heinrich Schnitker Markkötter 48
  Catharina Engel Schnitker his wife 45
  Maria Elisabeth Schnitker his daughter 10
  Heinrich Wilhelm Schnitker Excolonus 70
29a Adam Heinrich Hebbeler Markkötter 67
  Anna Gertrud Hebbeler his wife 61
  Caspar Heinrich Pape farm-hand 15
30a Adam Heinrich Maschmeier Neubauer 62
  Maria Gertrud Maschmeier his wife 51
  Johann Hermann Averbeck his son/tailor 32
  Anna Maria Averbeck his daughter 17
  Catharina Maria Averbeck ditto 13
  Johann Heinrich Aubke tailor (still learning) 17
  Clamor Friedrich Pieper ditto 17
31a Adam Heinrich Nonnenkamp Neubauer 40
  Maria Elisabeth Nonnenkamp his wife 34
  Johann Gerhard Nonnenkamp his son 12
32a Caspar Heinrich Tötebusch Heuerling 53
  Catharina Maria Tötebusch his wife 49
  Anna Maria Tötebusch his daughter 26
  Maria Elisabeth Tötebusch ditto 14
  Maria Engel Tötebusch ditto 10
  Maria Wilhelmina Tötebusch ditto 4
34a Hermann Heinrich Loheide Neubauer 48
  Margaretha Elisabeth Loheide his wife 43
  Johann Friedrich Loheide his son 15
  Johann Heinrich Loheide ditto 13
  Maria Engel Loheide his daughter 10
  Johann Adam Loheide his son 7
  Christoph Wilhelm Loheide ditto 1
35a Hermann Heinrich Heckmann Neubauer 53
  Marg. Elisabeth Heckmann his wife 49
  Christoph Heinrich Heckmann his son 20
  Johann Heinrich Heckmann ditto 8
  Maria Elisabeth Brüggemann widow of a Heuerling 48
  Cath. Elisabeth Brüggemann her daughter 11
  Maria Elisabeth Brüggemann ditto 8
36a Hermann Heinrich Schwacke Heuerling 55
  Catharina Engel Schwacke his wife 53
  Johann Wilhelm Schwacke his son 14
  Hermann Heinrich Schwacke ditto 12
37a Bals Heinrich Bettinghaus miller 69
  Catharina Maria Bettinghaus his wife 59
  Johann Hermann Bettinghaus his son 28
  Maria Elisabeth Sieck farm-maid 16
38a Marg. Elisabeth Kuhlmann widow of a Heuerling 55
  Hermann Heinrich Buck her son 19
  Heinrich Wilhelm Buck ditto 16
39a Adam Friedrich Puats Neubauer/trader 36
  Heinrich Wilhelm Puats his father 66
  Catharina Maria Puats his wife 74
  Gerhard Christoph Becker foster child 11
40a Johann Heinrich Schomaker Neubauer 60
  Johann Heinrich Schomaker his son 19
  Ernst Heinrich Niederhus Heuerling 32
  Anna Maria Niederhus his wife 36
  Christoph Heinrich Niederhus his son 9
  Maria Elisabeth Niederhus his daughter 7
  Maria Louise Niederhus ditto 1
  Johann Heinrich Niederhus his father 74
41a Jobst Heinrich Gerkensmeier Neubauer 58
  Maria Elisabeth Gerkensmeier his wife 51
  Herm. Heinrich Gerkensmeier his son 22
  Maria Dorothea Gerkensmeier his daughter 16
  Adam Heinrich Gerkensmeier his son 12
  Johann Friedrich Sprenger his brother-in-law 38
41b Adam Heinrich Lemgo day labourer 50
  Maria Elisabeth Lemgo his wife 45
  Johann Victor Lemgo his son 14
  Johann Adam Lemgo ditto 8
  Hermann Heinrich Koch day labourer 52
  Anna Maria Koch his wife 52
  Johann Wilhelm Koch his son 14
  Hermann Heinrich Walter day labourer 50
  Maria Engel Walter his daughter 13
  Maria Louise Walter ditto 10
Gut Feldmühle
  Adam Heinrich Wegmann tenant 61
  Maria Eleonore Wegmann his wife 48
  Heinrich Wilhelm Wegmann his son 22
  Maria Engel Wegmann his daughter 20
  Catharina Maria Wegmann ditto 18
  Anna Maria Wegmann ditto 13
  Catharina Louise Wegmann ditto 7
  Clara Maria Wegmann his sister 67
  Johann Christian Hobrok Heuerling 43
  Maria Gertrud Hobrok his wife 43
  Hermann Heinrich Hobrok his son 14
  Hermann Heinrich Hobrok ditto 11
  Daniel Victor Hobrok ditto 8
  Johann Heinrich Niederhus Heuerling 37
  Maria Elisabeth Niederhus his wife 40
  Maria Engel Niederhus his daughter 13
  Maria Elisabeth Niederhus ditto 8
  Maria Gertrud Erk his mother-in-law 76
  Gerhard Heinrich Gartmann tenant 46
  Maria Engel Gartmann his wife 49
  Catharina Maria Gartmann his daughter 20
  Friedrich Wilhelm Gartmann his son 18
  Gerhard Heinrich Gartmann ditto 14
  Maria Engel Gartmann his daughter 11
  Johann Heinrich Gartmann his son 8
  Catharina Maria Gartmann his sister 51
Gut Hohenwalde
1h Johann Wilhelm Moormann Heuerling 38
  Maria Engel Moormann his wife 30
  Johann Adam Lemgo his son 8
  Maria Elisabeth Moormann his daughter 3
  Johann Wilhelm Hehemeier foster child 8
  Maria Elisabeth Maschmeier "zu unterhaltende Person" 60
1i Johann Heinrich Rietmann Heuerling 54
  Catharina Clara Rietmann his wife 56
  Johann Christoph Rietmann his son 14
  Heinrich Wilhelm Rietmann ditto 11
  Gerhard Heinrich Rietmann ditto 8
  Daniel Victor Kiel weaver 34
  Julia Sophia Kiel his wife 36
  Henriette Maria Kiel his daughter 13
  Joseph Aloysius Kiel his son 11
  Georg Anton Kiel ditto 9
  Maria Christina Sophie Kiel his daughter 7
  Johanne Catharina Agnes Kiel his daughter 3
1k Adam Heinrich Plogstert Heuerling 38
  Maria Elisabeth Plogstert his wife 30
  Maria Elisabeth Plogstert his daughter 10
  Anna Maria Plogstert ditto 8
  Maria Wilhelmina Plogstert ditto 6
  Johann Wilhelm Plogstert his son 3
  Maria Elisabeth Plogstert his mother 66
1l Bals Heinrich Maschmeier Heuerling 50
  Anna Gertrud Maschmeier his wife 46
  Johann Victor Maschmeier his son 11
  Catharina Maria Maschmeier his daughter 9
  Johann Heinrich Maschmeier his son 7
  Maria Carolina Maschmeier his daughter 3
1m Friedrich Wilhelm Kiel tenant of a mill 66
  Catharina Maria Kiel his wife 59
  Johanne Friederike Kiel his daughter 39
  Carl Heinrich Kiel his son and soldier 26
  Friedrich Wilhelm Kiel ditto and weaver 24
  Henriette Catharina Kiel his daughter 17
  Johann Heinrich Kiel his son 14
  Maria Sophia Lamerbrock child of the oldest daughter 1

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